Thursday, 8 September 2011

Happy Birthday to meeee!!

I wanted to share with you the gorgeous gifts I recieved for my birthday yesterday....

My other half bought me a limited edition bottle of John Paul Gaultier 'Classique'... a lovely smell!

My daughter (with a few hints to her daddy) got me 2 Cath Kidston mugs

And from the money from my folks i bought some commisioned bracelets i love them!!!

Here are my favourite costume jewellery bracelets that i wanted to replace with silver ones (they were looking a bit dull and tarnished).....

And thanks to a seller on ebay (krhandmadejewellery) who had the above picture as a guide, made me two gorgeous new ones- and one of his own style with a heart charm that i loved too!

So that's it- lucky me! Along wity some flowers, a plant and a box of chocolates... i've had a fab day!!

And with a meal out and a glass or two of wine- what more can a girl ask for?

Happy Days, Sharry xx

1 comment:

Imy said...

Happy birthday!!!

&&& YAY Cath Kidston Mugs!!! I bet your Cath collection is growing like no ones business!!!!!x