Thursday, 16 August 2012

Growing slowly...

A quick update- the nails are starting to grow- and i have tried the glitter i got- orange- not my fave colour, but the effect is good :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Well, i realised that around 12 months ago i posted about my sparkly manicure that i had for my holiday. It must be something about this time of year, but i am wanting to grow my nails again... aka stop biting them! <the original post.

On a whim a week ago i bought a home gel nail system. I dont want to get my nails done at the salon again, because i dont want them to stick the tips on- i just want to protect my short nails so they will grow without me able to bite them.

So, I did my own home gel nail overlay... yes my nails are short, but this is the journey to long nails, hehe.

So here it is.. sparkly again (i think i must be a secret magpie)

Hopefully soon i can get rid of the unsightly cuticles :)

Happy Days
Sharry x

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My 'MOJO' is returning!

I always know when i am feeling in a good mood and more like myself, when i start getting itchy hands- and the need for a craft project!!

So last night i set to work on recovering my Grans- grans rocking chair- not sure how old that makes it? It was ok, but the dark green seat pad wasn't so up to date...

We went shopping and Amelia chose her own fabric- i was going to use a plain fabric so it would last a while, but hey ho looks like i'll just have to cover it again when she gets over her 'pink' stage, hehe.
While we were shopping i also got her a cute cushion- i could have made this, but i just loved the fabric- i couldn't resist. Ahhhh

So here it is (i have even worked out how to do before and afters on the computer, so i am super chuffed with myself)....

Happy Days
Sharry x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My amazing friend came to the rescue!!

So- the tidying......

My brilliant friend came and restored my house to order. She spent the day texting me 'challenges', which was hilarious and also motivating! So that was the dishwasher on and emptied, bed changed, and a few other jobs done.

I gave up with the washing and took it to the laundrette- why have i never discovered these wonderful places before? So with that sorted, a washer load of towels done and a load of bedding- things were looking up.

So- for now my list of jobs still to do are:

1. Tidy A's bedroom
2. Tidy my shelf of smellies
3. Tidy shelves in bathroom


4. Kitchen cupboards
5. Computer desk
6. Craft room

Ooooo i can feel myself getting closer to the end of the list... yey!

Happy Days

Sharry x

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

An update so far...

Well, the tidying has commenced...

So far i have

1. Tidied the unit/ bookcase
2. Sorted out the toys
3. Sorted out the biggest kitchen cupboard

Still to do:

1. Sort washing
2. Organise other kitchen cupboards
3. Sort a pile of stuff left over from the toy tidy

Not doing too bad- things are looking slightly better already :)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

It's time to get organised!

Well, i'm here again last! I haven't been doing much craft lately, and i have been neglecting my home somewhat.
I have decorated the hallway, which i'm chuffed about- but the rest of the house is out of control.

My new love is Pinterest... and i have been looking at a few posts and blogs on there... 31 days of organising and similar cleaning and de-cluttering posts.

So this is what i aim to do....

I started yesterday by making a list of jobs that need doing, and the day before i tidied and organised the unit in the living room, so i feel like i have done day one already....

So here goes,

The list as it grows:

Day 1 Tidy unit- done!

Day 2 Tidy and donate toys

Day 3 Put all washing away

Day 4 Tidy kitchen cupboards

I have been and bought 2 small flexi tubs- one for me to fill throughout the day with things that need to go upstairs, and the other for amelia to fill with toys that need to be put away- i am hoping to make these part of our daily routine.

I'll keep you posted as to how it goes- wish me luck!