Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My amazing friend came to the rescue!!

So- the tidying......

My brilliant friend came and restored my house to order. She spent the day texting me 'challenges', which was hilarious and also motivating! So that was the dishwasher on and emptied, bed changed, and a few other jobs done.

I gave up with the washing and took it to the laundrette- why have i never discovered these wonderful places before? So with that sorted, a washer load of towels done and a load of bedding- things were looking up.

So- for now my list of jobs still to do are:

1. Tidy A's bedroom
2. Tidy my shelf of smellies
3. Tidy shelves in bathroom


4. Kitchen cupboards
5. Computer desk
6. Craft room

Ooooo i can feel myself getting closer to the end of the list... yey!

Happy Days

Sharry x

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