Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My 'MOJO' is returning!

I always know when i am feeling in a good mood and more like myself, when i start getting itchy hands- and the need for a craft project!!

So last night i set to work on recovering my Grans- grans rocking chair- not sure how old that makes it? It was ok, but the dark green seat pad wasn't so up to date...

We went shopping and Amelia chose her own fabric- i was going to use a plain fabric so it would last a while, but hey ho looks like i'll just have to cover it again when she gets over her 'pink' stage, hehe.
While we were shopping i also got her a cute cushion- i could have made this, but i just loved the fabric- i couldn't resist. Ahhhh

So here it is (i have even worked out how to do before and afters on the computer, so i am super chuffed with myself)....

Happy Days
Sharry x

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