Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The joys of the gym!

Hi Folks,

Today i am in terrible pain- i have earache in both ears- arrgghh!! Its driving me mad- hopefully the antibiotics form the docs will kick in soon.

Even in my pain i dragged myself to the gym this evening!! Lol- its not what you think... Ive been put on this active health programme to help with some of my medical conditions, and i had to go for a meeting to discuss it all.

The upshot is- i have to go next Monday to be shown th gym equipment- this is all scary stuff for me! I'll no doubt let you know the progress along the way....

Hopefully they can instill some motivation into me.. i wish there was a pill for that!


1 comment:

Imy said...

Good luck with your gym trip :-)

Hope your medical conditions get better :-) xxx