Saturday, 6 August 2011

My First Blog

Well, here i am- at last... this is one of those things that i have been going to do for a while.... so at last i made it happen.

I'm not totally sure what i'm going to blog about but here are a few things i like to talk about and share
  1. My day- what ive been doing, any new eciting ideas etc
  2. My latest craze- i change these on a weekly basis
  3. My crafting hobbies- i like to try lots of these too
  4. My Filofax- my new found best friend!
Anyway it's past my bedtime now, so will have a think about what i will post next- oooo how exciting!

1 comment:

Imy said...

I am looking forward to the number 4 posts ;-)hehe