Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Yankeeee Candles!!

Wel, i thought i would let you into my world.. and my loves!

One of these is yankee candles! Theres nothing as relaxing as seeing a flame flickering in a pretty holder (mine is from Laura Ashley), and smelling a devine perfume!

Here are some of the candles i have collected so far- i used to have the jars, but got sick of waiting for them to end so i could try a new fragrance- for those of you who know yankee- there are hundreds!
My favourites are fragrances that are floral, fresh, or seaside. I'm not so keen on the foods or fruits.

And here is the holder- i must admit it looks better at night!!

My favourite fragrance for this season is Beach Walk... floral and fresh- like summer days!!

Have a great day......xx

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