Thursday, 11 August 2011

My handbag....

Well, with the sheer boredom of being off work ill.. i decided to do a post about my handbag. I have seen other people do this where they tell you the contents of their bags- which i find quite interesting, lol....

So here it is- my bag... i love it because of its colour, and the fact it is so small, yet it seems to expand forever- i can squeeze my filofax in there and also a small bottle of water if i wish- not many people have small handbags that can do that eh?? My bag was a find at a charity shop- pre loved, but that makes it more special to me!

As for the contents i have these things in my bag....

From top left clockwise:

Medication of varying types- A huge box of paracetamol for the earache!

My keys with a lovely picture of my daughter.

One of those fold away bags- i got this from a pound shop- its cute- has a little girl pic on it, and folds up sooo small!

My Cath Kidston-esque purse- i love it- i just wish i could afford the real thing!

A pretty tin with those monthly essentials in!

Carmex lip balm- i love this stuff... its the best lip balm i have ever had! and so much better than the stuff you have to stick your fingers in- eugh!

My work badge

And finally... my filofax- yes it does fit in!!!

Not too much stuff in there, but as i dont really wear make up- i dont need a bag full of it!

Hope you enjoyed being nosey, lol- now let me know whats in yours!! xx


Imy said...

The cath kidston look alike fooled me! where did you get it? I want one hehe :-) love the colour of your bag, i litterally just did a whats in my bag post too hehe mines just brown lol :-) Imy xxx

Sharry said...

The purse is from ebay (search oil cloth purse).

I realised i hadnt included my phone- when i couldnt find it this afternoon!

How strange that we did the same post, lol