Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My Creative Afternoon!

Well, i decided to have a bit of a crafty afternoon, as im felling a bit better.... i popped back to Dunelm Mill to get some zips, and couldnt resist the oilcloth like i got earlier- but in pink!! shhhh...it was full price, so i only got a bit!!

Here is the result- a small make up purse for my bag- im actually going to keep my medication in it, as i dont have much make up!!

Not bad for a first attempt- i even managed without a zipper foot on my sewing machine, because i couldnt work out how to use it! That will be googled later!

Hope you like it- especially those Cath Kidston fans out there, lol!
(if you are a fan check this link out http://www.allaboutyou.com/craft/sewing/Cath-Kidston-facts )

Happy Days, Sharry xx

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